Robust, Reliable, Durable

Industrial Laminators, Coaters, and Applicators

Since 1949, Walco has been the standard for “built to last” Industrial Laminators, Coaters, and Applicators. Our machines get the job done!

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The Industry Standard
Companies seeking robust, proven, and economical industrial laminating, industrial coating and industrial application machines choose Walco Machines Company. Walco has been the worldwide leader for over 60 years in heavy-duty industrial lamination systems, industrial coaters, and industrial applicators. Every Walco standard laminator, coater, or applicator is tailored to your specific requirements. Over 10,000 machines have been sold in 59 countries, making Walco Machines the industry standard in industrial lamination equipment since 1949.

Walco Machines is big enough to have shipped the world's largest laminating machine system, but small and nimble enough to pay special attention to your requirements. You will receive an industrial laminating, coating or application machine that fits your specific needs and environment. Approximately 80% of all Walco industrial lamination systems are variations on Walco’s proven designs. Walco can design a complete, fully automated, customized production line, or easily incorporate proven Walco legacy systems to work together seamlessly.

Designed to Last

For decades, Walco Machines has consistently emphasized simplicity of design, quality, and ease of operation. With all Walco Machines- Safety is first. Many standard safety features are included on every Walco machine.

As a result, we’ve earned a reputation for functional and highly reliable industrial laminators, coaters and applicators.
Thousands of Walco industrial lamination systems are still in service after decades of use. The durability and quality of Walco industrial lamination equipment guarantee customers many years of trouble-free operation.

Customization and flexibility options include:

  • Ability to tailor units to fit a space requirement or application
  • Capability to work with many surfaces and materials
  • Capacity to build special purpose system machines
  • Ability to provide complete turnkey, stand-alone or inline systems
  • Capability for fully automated, HMI integrated or Operator controlled systems
  • Flexibility in design to allow quick retrofits
  • Ability to provide all needed in and outfeed conveyor requirement
  • Opportunity to add options or accessories later to meet changing requirements

A valued production asset, Walco industrial laminators, industrial coaters, and industrial applicators easily integrate into your manufacturing process, meeting your specifications and operating trouble-free for many years.

Unsurpassed Customer & Product Support

Friendly service, pride of workmanship, and quality of construction is Walco’s mission. From the first call to Walco Machines, a commitment to responsiveness and personalized service is quickly evident. An operator will answer and connect you with a specialist experienced in industrial laminating machines, adhesive application equipment and coater equipment.

Walco Machines provides strong after sales support to customers. Onsite support and/or remote troubleshooting is available anywhere in the world. To ensure an even higher level of customer satisfaction, Walco moved to a 27,000 square foot facility in 2009, which houses a large spare parts inventory to quickly serve customers.

All Walco products are guaranteed to meet every country’s electrical and safety standards and operating manuals can be translated into the language where the machine operates. Walco welcomes inquiries from manufacturer’s representatives to discuss commission programs.

More than 10,000 laminators shipped to 59 countries testify that Walco Machines continues to play a leading role in the heavy-duty industrial laminating, coating and applicating equipment industry.

For the best, longest-lasting, industrial strength lamination systems, adhesive applicators and coater equipment available, Contact the Walco Machines Company today. Learn why companies all over the world have made Walco their industrial laminating machines, coating machines & applicating equipment provider of choice.

Laminating, Applicating and Coating Customers, in Quality, for Over 60 Years!