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How Magnesium Helps You Fall Asleep Faster and Wake Up Feeling Refreshed…

Every night, tens of millions of people go to bed, only to wake up hours later, under-rested and overtired. If that sounds like you — you may be one of the more than 80% of people who suffer from a sleep stopping condition known as “Magnesium Deficiency”.

6 Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms That Stop YOU from Sleeping Every Night:

  1. Muscles spasms/cramping
  2. Dreamless Sleep
  3. Stress
  4. Muscles spasms/cramping
  5. Dreamless Sleep
  6. Stress

When you can’t sleep it’s usually because you’re suffering from one or more of these symptoms of magnesium deficiency. These symptoms (stress, dreamless sleep and muscle spasms) attack at night.

The good news is they are all easily fixed by simply getting enough magnesium daily.

EASE Magnesium

Nature’s #1 shortcuttobettersleep


100% all natural magnesium solution sourced from the Dead Sea


Magnesium is nature's deep sleep mineral


Relaxes muscles, de-stresses your brain and helps you sleep better


Safe for children, adults and even pets


Already helping 121,285 happy people (from around the world) sleep better

Here’s what people who use EASE have to say…


I have been using this MAGNESIUM Product for the last 2-3 months. I was having severe leg cramps every night. The first three days of using this magnesium they totally were gone. I continue to use this everyday and I have not had a leg cramp since. I know it does all kinds of good stuff for my body and will NEVER stop using it. Thanks for a WONDERFUL product!!

Elaine H.

I never would have thought Ease could help as much as it has. I started having problems sleeping and eating right after my husband passed away. I started using Ease twice a day and within just a few days I started sleeping through the night again. I also know if I miss using Ease my sleep is not good until I get back to regular use.

Barbara M.

Years ago I suffered from extreme pain and sleep deprivation caused from my right hip.The first night I used EASE I experienced dreams for the first time in years. I am 73 years old and a golfer. I was ready to give it up because of the pain I had each time I played. That has also gone away! I talk about EASE to anyone who will listen and know of several people who are using it because of my enthusiasm. Thank you

Marylin B.

I ordered one bottle back when you first started promoting it. I have to say I really love it and noticed that I sleep better and my stress levels go down. I am able to focus better especially with having four young ones to take care of. Thank you.

5 Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is EASE okay for my skin?

    EASE is great for your whole body, including your skin. We do always recommend spot testing whenever trying a new product, however most people report softer and healthier skin after using EASE.

  2. How big is each bottle of EASE?

    Each bottle of EASE contains exactly 8 ounces of pure, bioavailable magnesium.

    1 bottle of EASE, used every day should last you one month.

  3. What makes EASE the highest quality magnesium supplement?

    EASE is made from pure, all natural iMCH™ sourced from the Dead Sea. It’s some of the most effective, most bioavailable magnesium in the world. iMCH™ is the most biocompatible version of magnesium because of its ability to be quickly absorbed transdermally (through the skin) and used by your cells.

    Since your skin is your biggest organ, it allows for the highest level of absorption without taxing your digestive system, liver or kidneys.

    Oral magnesium supplements are poorly absorbed and can wreak havoc on your gut, often doing more harm than good. They also take longer to take effect.

  4. How long do I have to wait before I feel EASE working?

    Unlike other supplements, EASE begins working almost immediately. Within minutes of spraying it on your skin, you’ll begin to feel its powerful soothing effect.

    Using EASE consistently on a daily basis will reverse your deficiency over time.

  5. How much EASE should I use per day?

    We recommend 30-40 sprays daily (depending on your level of deficiency and your sensitivity to the product).